About me :

  • First name : Sebastian
  • Last name : Meller
  • Email :
  • QQ : 18602085595
  • Short description: My interests are mainly connected with learning new languages (recently also programming languages). I studied French in my high-school and Chinese in the university. Through all those years i started to understand what do I need to study more effectively. Now i want to help you to learn English with fun and finally start to enjoy the whole process !!!
    我的大部分兴趣爱好其实是跟学习语言有关 (最近也是编程语言)。在读高中的时候我学过法语然后 在读大学的时候我开始学了中文。经过这几年我开始了解怎么样才能有效率地学外语。现在我想要帮你们 通过有趣好玩的方式学习英语 !!!