Power of breathing

updated: March 28, 2019, 5:20 a.m.

Hey everyone !

Today i would like to tell you something about the power of breathing.

Recently i am practicing the breathing exercices everyday (or at least i try to ) and i have realized that it has beneficial effects on my body and mind.

The method i am using is called "The Wim Hoff Method".

I have been experimenting with it already quite a while and i think that i have found a good way to use it. I have adapted it a bit so it suits me better.

I think that in modern world where everybody feels stress in their lifes it is important to find a way to let the body relax and breathing exercises are a good way to achieve this.


Word Chinese Meaning Example Save



something that has a good effect

This medicine has beneficial effects on my skin.


adapt to sth

适应 (动词)某个东西

adjust to some situation

I have to adapt to new working conditions.


to suit sth

适合 (动词)

to be convenient or useful to somebody

These new glasses suit me well !!!