Fantasy books

updated: Feb. 1, 2019, 2:12 p.m.

Hey my group !

Sorry that it's been a while since the last time i've posted anything new but I am quite busy these days crying.

There is a lot going on but mainly i am focused on learning programming.

In today's lesson i would like to tell you a bit about fantasy books.

Maybe some of you think that it's quite childish to read such books but there's actually some benefits in doing it.

Now i am reading a book written by Trudi Canavan called "The Magician's apprentice" . I try to read couple pages every day before going to sleep. It helps me become more relaxed and i fall asleep more easily.

I encourage you to do the same !

Word Chinese Meaning Example Save


编程 (名词)

making computer or mobile software

She is programming major (她是编程专业的)


fantasy book

魔幻小说 (名词))

Book that describe events that are unreal

He loves reading fantasy books. (他很喜欢看魔幻小说)



益处 (名词);效益

profits or something that is good for you

This medicine has a lot of benefits (这个药很有效益)



幼稚 (形容词)

acting like a child

Even though he is a grown man he still acts really childish (虽然他是一个成人但是他还是太幼稚 )