Drinking at the riverside

updated: Feb. 27, 2019, 5:13 a.m.

One of the activities that i enjoy the most when i am on vacation !


While i was in Siem Reap (Cambodia) i've found a small bar at the riverside that served various kinds of cocktails and beers.

You could buy a nice Mojito drink for just 2 dollars (quite cheap huh ? angel)  and enjoy the river view

It was located near the night market in the middle of the city so could can imagine that it was quite crowded.

Even though there was a lot of people i really enjoyed this moment of relaxation after a day of sightseeing.



Word Chinese Meaning Example Save


鸡尾酒 (名词)

mix of alcohol with other ingredients

I've ordered 2 cocktails. 我订了2个鸡尾酒。



莫吉托 (名词)

kind od cocktail

Please make one Mojito for me. 请帮我弄个莫吉托。



想象 (动词)

to form a picture in your mind of what something might be like

Imagine what could happen if i was there ! 你想象一下,如果我当时在那里会发生什么事。



观光 (动词)

to visit different places

We were sightseeing the whole day ! 我们观光了一整天。